Sunday, May 24, 2009

Slip Sliding Away

Whenever Mimi and Papaw come to town, the visit is not complete without a trip to the local walmart where the kids get to pick a prize! This is definitely one of the highlights of their time together! It is something the kids never forget. This time the three young ones decided to put their money together to purchase a "slip n slide"! We had a blast watching them........
Jake making a splash!

Lainee waiting patiently for her turn!!


Be Blessed!

Friday, May 22, 2009

"Graduated Girl"

My baby girl is not such a baby anymore! Lainee experienced her Pre~K graduation ceremony last night and it was precious! I was filled with so much joy as I watched the excitement and sense of accomplishment on her sweet face! What I love about Lainee is that she has such an appreciation for just about everything! She gets excited by the tiniest things and finds joy in almost every situation! She was so proud of herself and the fact that she got to wear a red cap & gown and accept a "poma", "I think it is called a poma, that rolled up white thing". She kept calling herself the "graduated girl" and expecting all sorts of special privileges, which of course she got!! What a bitter sweet evening I had as my little girl marched down the aisle of the church looking so grown up!

I have watched as each of my boys had walked down that very same aisle prepared to take the challenge of Kindergarten that was set before them. This was a little different! This was my baby! I'm not sure that I can stand the thought of her being at school EVERY day of the week!! I just don't think I can let that happen~ Kindergarten isn't mandatory in Texas.... right??? Okay, I got carried away for a minute, I really am excited for her! The only reason that I can feel that way though is because she is so stikin' excited!! She can't wait to go to school with her boys! She informs everyone that she will be walking home with them (she doesn't realize yet that she gets out 2 hours before them....) I know she will do great at Bivins. I don't think I will do so great without her! She is my cleaning and cooking and shopping partner! We snuggle at least 3 times a day and always complete several chores together while the boys are busy at school! She can find a way to make me laugh every day! I think she will be disappointed though when she realizes that she can't wear her favorite skirt to school every day like she does when we lounge at home! I am excited and apprehensive all at the same time! I am so extremely thankful for such a sweet gift from God in my baby girl! What a joy it is being her mommy!!

Here she comes!

Her Mimi and Papaw who came from Burleson to see her!

Her "Boys"!

The whole gang (minus daddy who had to leave before the photo shoot)!

Her best girlfriends! Lainee, Katie, Morgan and Emma!

What sweet girls!

Be Blessed!