Monday, June 1, 2009

First Try......

Lainee, trying to be happy and wait out the rain (snacks fix almost everything!)

Nathan enjoyed playing in it!

The big boys weren't quite as pleased!

We, here at the Ator house, are big fans of SUMMER! We love sleeping in and everyone being home together! Another reason we love it so much is SPLASH! For the past seven years the kids have spent their summer days in Amarillo splashing around at the local water park. For us this is a great way to cool down and enjoy family time together. We count the days ALL year long until it opens again. Today was the day! It was sunny and beautiful and the temperature in my car read 91*. We got all the sunscreen, swimsuits, towels and pool toys(not to mention the hundred kids to go along) and headed that way. While in route, we tried not to notice the drops of rain here and there. We thought, it's Amarillo~it'll be gone in 5 minutes! We arrived in the parking lot just in time for the rain to proceed to pound on us as we ran into the office. Still thinking this would be temporary, the kids convinced me to go on in and wait out the rain. We were there for about 10 minutes when it started to HAIL!!! Wrong day to pick for our first trip to Splash for the year...... I guess there is always tomorrow!

Be blessed!