Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!! Oh, and Happy 4th!

Growing up, I always thought that the fireworks display was a celebration of my mom's birthday. At least that is what she always told us! Now that I am a lot older and maybe a little smarter, I realize that they weren't exactly for her.... But they should have been! What an incredible woman my mother is! The thing that I love most about her is that she loves the Lord with all her heart! She loves her family just about as much and would do anything for them! She is the most loyal person I know and has taught me more by the way she lives her life than by her words. What a blessing she is to me!! I love you mom! Happy Birthday!!

My beautiful mom!!

In honor of all the men and women who sacrafice for our freedom and simply because it's fun, we had a little celebration of our own at the Melban house last night! What a blast we had!! The highlight of the night, Jake gained a new pet. Mr. Cameron found a baby SNAKE in the grass and Jake promptly named him and announced he had a new family member!! Gotta love boys!

He named the snake "Speedy"

The boys, working hard on something....

Lainee and Gracelyn would dump out the whole bag of snappers and jump up and down on them until they were all popped, much more fun than throwing them down one at a time!! (Click on this picture and look at Jake's face~pure joy!)

Looks like they are up to trouble!

Happy Independence Day!!
Be blessed!

Friday, July 3, 2009

10 Things I love about summer!

1. Spending all day, every day with my sweet kiddos!
2. Swimming at Splash!
3. Randall grilling our dinner (so I don't have pans to wash)!
4. All the fresh fruit!
5. The beautiful mornings!
6. Mini trips to visit friends!!
7. Getting to hang out with all the out of town cousins!!
8. Going to see my mom (the fact that she lives in sunny CA is only a benefit)!
9. Movies in the middle of the day!
10. Sleeping in and lazy mornings!

Nathan, James and Jake

Lainee and Baylor

Lainee and Macy!

Brittany with the girls at the pool!

Lainee, while shopping, she picked out this outfit (shoes and all) and proceeded to climb in the window to model her find! Love that girl!

Be Blessed!