Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Too old?

We are very excited around our house! We found out that we are going to have another cousin!! My sister is going to have a baby!!!! She has two precious boys that we all adore and we can't wait to meet #3!
While telling my children about our exciting news however, the following conversation took place.......

Me~ "Aunt Heather is going to have a baby!"
Lainee~ "YAY!!!! A new cousin!!!"
Jake~(somewhat put off) "MOM, why do we always get new cousins, but never new brothers or sisters??" (has he looked at our family lately?)
Nathan~ "Jake, mom is too old to have a baby!"
Me~ "EXCUSE ME!" (in a somewhat squeaky surprised voice)
Jake~ "Yeah, Nathan, she's not too old. Look at Elizabeth(in the bible), she was like 87 or something. Mom is not too old!"
Nathan~ "ehhhh, that was just a miracle!"
Me~ "HELLLLLLOOOOOOOO!!!! I'M SITTING RIGHT HERE! AND I am NOT too old!" "BUT, we do NOT need any more brothers or sisters!!" :)

Those kids make me laugh every day!!
Be blessed!