Thursday, September 3, 2009

School Days

I am a big fan of summer! Don't get me wrong, fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I just love the smell in the air and the cool breeze that begins to tone down the heat. It brings a smile to my heart when I see the leaves change and fall to the ground. The only thing that I do not love about fall is giving up spending all day with my sweet children.

They all love school. They look forward to new classes and friends, school clothes and supplies and everything that comes with a new year. The start of this year, was particularly tough as Michelle is a Sr. in High School, Riley(my first born) is in his first year of Jr High and my baby girl is in Kindergarten! Bitter sweet emotions flooded my heart as we prepared to send them that first day of school! While they are excited, I am overcome with having to say good bye to our days of sleeping in and lounging at the pool. Of snuggling up for a late night family movie and walks to the snow cone stand! Schedules and routine are what's in store!

Michelle has a huge load this year. She is taking a dual credit English class, 2 classes at ACAL, 5 classes in school, teaching preschool at church and working part time at Gymboree. She is handling it all beautifully though and I know she will do great! Riley thinks Jr High is pretty cool. Other than getting used to a little more homework and hard core teachers that aren't near as loving as in elementary school, he is enjoying it. Can I just add that sometimes those not so loving teachers give this mother the urge to run up to that school and give them the how to's of teaching those preciously fresh 6Th graders!! Jake is making new friends and just loves his science class, experiments and all! Nathan is enjoying 2ND grade and the challenges that it brings. His best friend is in his class this year, so he is loving that! Then there is Lainee! She is entertained with school, although this week reality set in that she is at school all day without her mommy! She has a fantastic teacher that just loves those kids and teaching, so we are thankful for that! The other day she was asked to put three things in a bag that would tell the class a little about who she was. Lainee taped a picture of her family to the outside of her bag. On the inside she proceeded to put her bible, a necklace that Michelle had made her and a princess. She said that she brought her bible because she loves God. She brought the necklace because she loves her sister and jewelry(my kind of girl!) And the princess, well because she loves princess'(and in my opinion, being one). I thought it was just precious the things that she picked to put in that bag. All in all, I know this will be a year full of growth and blessings!

Here are a few first day of school pictures~

Be Blessed!