Monday, March 22, 2010

Birthday celebrations!

March is a fun month at our house!! We have 3 birthdays. Nathan turned 8, my baby girl is now 6 and, well let's just say I am still in my 30's!! Nathan is a low key kinda boy! His idea of a great party is 3 or 4 friends going swimming, and that's just what we did! This mom didn't take the camera though~ do you think I would take a chance of there being a picture of me in a swim suit?? On his actual birth day, we got him a puppy cake that the entire family enjoyed! After the birthday song, Nathan asked for permission to stick his face in the cake. Of course, I said no, and true to form dad says, "I'll give you a dollar if you do!" He glanced at me as if to say, "He said yes, will you let it slide so I can have a dollar..." I nodded and he proceeded to DIVE straight into his cake! We laughed so hard!! What a fun memory with such a great birthday boy!

Lainee's birthday was a little more high maintnance..... She had all sorts of ideas on what she wanted to do. Tea party(which I would have prefered) swimming party, jump n jive and then she had a bright idea~ SLUMBER PARTY!! So, we made her trim down her list of a million friends, wish we could have had them all but unfortunaly we only have so much sleeping space! Anyway we had such a blast, I will let the pictures do most of the talking~

We made candy bracelets while we waited for our friends to arrive

Freeze dance! These girls had some moves!

Lainee, Kati, Morgan, Gracelyn, Annsley, Addie and Taylor happy as can be!

We painted night shirts for the girls to sleep in.

Opening presents

We even made our own dinner~mini pizzas!

We decorated cupcakes with lots of sugary stuff!

We had a blast!!

Be blessed~

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  1. March is a great month for birthdays for sure! :) love all the onto next year...