Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sock Hop

I know, 2 posts in one day~ mom, just take a deep breath! Just wanted to post some pictures of the sock hop that we were able to go to at the kids school! The three youngest were so excited and eagerly dressed for the part. Well, Nathan wasn't to excited about dressing the part. When anyone would tell him how great he looked, he would say, "My mom made me wear this!" He wasn't too keen on dancing either, he was mostly running from the girls! He is a funny kid! Anyway, our good friends let Lainee borrow this adorable poodle skirt. Lainee is convinced that she needs her own now, because it was so much fun to wear! It was a great family fun night!


She LOVES getting all dressed up!

She LOVES her "boys"

She LOVES to dance!

She LOVES her daddy!


He shed his sports coat as soon as he could!

He showed off some pretty slick moves of his own!


He too shed his coat!

What a sweet boy, humoring his mom who wants to dance!

Be Blessed~

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