Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Michelle~

So even though it is now April, I want to write about one more blessing that we had in March.... Michelle came and stayed with us for the month and it was a blast! We so miss her when she isn't here!! There were a plethora of activities that we were able to do when she was here, I think the one her and I will remember the most was our trip down to Abilene! We were able to run down there on a Monday and spend the night so that we could tour the campus at ACU the next day! It was such a fun trip. The other night at dinner before she left we went around the table and told her our favorite memory of this stay and the thing we love most about her. My favorite memory was our trip. There are many things that I love about Michelle!!! The one that I love the most is her heart for God!! She has matured in her faith and really grown in her walk with Him over the last year and it has been a joy to see! I loved the kids answers, so I thought I would share them.

~Riley favorite memory was her taking him to get some cold stone ice cream one night after youth. He added a little humor to his what he loved most about her answer. He said that he loved how she was funny when she wasn't trying to be and sometimes not funny when she was trying to be! Brothers!
~Jake's favorite memory with her was on our trip to Austin when we stopped in Fredricksburg, he enjoyed the ice cream shop the best! What is it with these boys and ice cream? He also said that he enjoyed her sense of humor the best!
~Nathan loved swimming with her at the hotel on our trip to Austin, we had an over anxious "pool guard" that will cause us all never to forget that night of swimming!! He was a little miffed by the time we got to him on our favorite thing about Michelle, because he said Jake took his! He thinks she is hilarious! And the boy loves to give her a hard time because he knows she can handle it!
~Lainee's memory was the very first day we picked Michelle up from the airport, her and Michelle and I went to United to get a couple things. We bought a cinnamon roll and sat down at the little tables at Market Street and talked and shared that cinnamon roll. That was a sweet memory! Lainee loves having a sister!! She loves that Michelle will paint her nails and brush her hair. But her favorite thing was when Michelle would pick her up from school and take her to get a "treat"! They did that often this month!
Randall's favorite memory was one day when he and Michelle and I went to Cowboy Gelatos for lunch one day. The thing he loved most about her was the way she fits in our family! She was an automatic addition to our family and we absolutely adore her. We expected it to maybe take a day or two to get back in to the swing of things when she got here. But the minute she got here, we had our family complete and we didn't skip a beat! What a blessing God gave us when He added her to our clan!!
We love you Michelle!!!!!